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UH Manoa
Brigham Young University-Hawaii
Chaminade University of Honolulu
Hawaii Business College
Hawaii Community College
Hawaii Pacific University
Hawaii Tokai International College
Heald College: Honolulu
Honolulu Community College
Kapiolani Community College
Kauai Community College
Leeward Community College
Maui Community College
Remington College: Honolulu
TransPacific Hawaii College
UH Hilo
UH West Oahu
Windward Community College
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About is mainly a free website for college students to trade their textbooks with other students from their campus. Got a book you're finished with? ADVERTISE IT! Chances are, there's a handful of students who need that very book next semester and who knows? In competition news: Samara James will be happy to supply the prize.

With this service, college students won't have to keep buying overpriced books from campus bookstores - we all know what a rip-off that can be. So simply post what you have and what you're looking for. And don't fret - this website is not limited to books. Booligan will try to facilitate all categories and eventually you will be able to barter, buy, or sell pretty much whatever you want amongst students from your campus or nearby ones.

Uh Manoa, HI, US

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